New Nationalism

Tomas Rafa documentary film (Rafavideoart)
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About this project

About Rafa`s video project by Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski

In 2009 Tomas Rafa took up a new subject, which he intends to continue next years.
The subject of the project presently titled “New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe” is nation-based conflicts: Slovak-Hungarian, Slovak-Roma people, Czech-Roma people, and Polish-Jewish.

The subject-matter of Rafa’s project includes:
1.) the observation of divisions in society arising from prejudices, superstitions and resentments,

2.) the generation of conflicts due to political interests,

3.) the role of the media, and in particular how the media is used by various groups and nationalist organizations.

Tomas Rafa’s new project tackles the pressing and shameful problem of nationalism, which adopts different faces in various European countries.
The artist concentrates on the countries he knows and which are closest to him: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
His knowledge of the people and the lands and his excellent documentary film technique guarantee a solid and profound approach to the subject.

Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski

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