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Performance: “The Wall”…”the Wall of sports”

The artist devotes particular attention to the building of walls in order to block off neighbors. The superficial and short-sighted appeasement of the Slovak – Romani economic disproportion is the function of unconquered hatred with racist undertones, fanned by evident political interests.

The subject-matter of Rafa’s project includes:
1.) the observation of divisions in society arising from prejudices, superstitions and resentments,

2.) the generation of conflicts due to political interests,

3.) the role of the media, and in particular how the media is used by various groups and nationalist organizations.

Tomas Rafa’s new project tackles the pressing and shameful problem of nationalism, which adopts different faces in various European countries. The artist concentrates on the countries he knows and which are closest to him: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
His knowledge of the people and the lands and his excellent documentary film technique guarantee a solid and profound approach to the subject.

Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski


• ‘The Wall’ was brilliant in its effortless, uncluttered
examination of multiple topics of interest. Political,
economic, and social commentary all found ample room to
coexist on that small patch of muddy ground. A very nice film. (Jury)
• The Wall kept it real & showed what the human spirit is capable of
• THE WALL takes on a tough and ugly situation that is currently in the
news. Nationalism, racism, and xenophobia form the backdrop to this
work, yet the artist delivers an uplifting film that highlights the playful
defiance of Roma children in Slovakia.
The subject of the film is a wall that was built in the town of Michalovce to
separate the Roma from the white inhabitants. Aggression against the
Roma in France, Slovakia, and elsewhere in Europe has shocked the
world and prompted a necessary discussion.
• well done!
• i didn’t know about the walls in slovakia before this short film. look on the
internet for segragation roma and non-roma community in slovakia.
• i didn’t know about those walls , there’re many in slovakia and they were
not built for entertainment ( sports). search on the internet for more details
about segregation- roma and non-roma community in slovakia.
• Very actual! Go Europe Go!
• Engaging. You want to know what it is about. Interest is sustained. Crappy
ball has a life beyond them. Interesting poetics of sending a ball over the
wall, the ball carries the journey and is triumphant but they don’t get to
follow it and that’s a nice tension.
• A very important film
• Beautiful on so many levels.
• Brilliant. The world needs more filmmakers like you!
• Excellent!

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