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It has been already 3 years since I started to work on my project called “New nationalism in the heart of Europe”. The main idea of the project is monitoring of interactions between majorities and minorities. At the moment I mostly concentrate on the countries in Eastern Europe, namely Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.
I applied for ProHelvetia´s grant. Thanks to this financial support I was able to realise my art project here in Switzerland and compare differences between Eastern and Western Europe.
Now short debriefing and important facts about my film.
The total length of the film is 40 minutes. Screening contains independent reports lined up chronologically in the following sequence:

  1. Meeting of nationalists in Sempach,
  2. Cooperation between refugees and artists as activities of BBlackBox gallery in Basel,
  3. Specific multicultural space Schweibenalp in the mountains,
  4. the Biggest party in Europe – “Street parade” in Zurich,
  5. Some protests at Bundesplatz in Bern,
  6. Blockade called “aussitsen” as a protest against nuclear power factory BKV in Mühleberg,
  7. Antifa’s protest against private and probably the biggest meeting of Neo-fascists in Europe at Swiss-Austria boarders
  8. and at the end March furs Leben and at the same time the protest against this March organised by Antifa and Feministic groups for women’s rights in Zurich.

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