June 12, 2024

On February 6, 2016, thousands of people gathered in Prague to protest against refugees and Islam. The demonstration was organized by the anti-immigrant group Block Against Islam, and was attended by far-right groups from across Europe.

The protesters, many of whom carried Czech flags and banners with anti-refugee slogans, marched through the city center, stopping at the Czech government headquarters and the Ministry of the Interior to voice their opposition to the country’s immigration policies.

Some protesters reportedly chanted xenophobic slogans and made anti-Muslim remarks. The demonstration comes amid a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe, fueled by the refugee crisis and recent terrorist attacks. In the Czech Republic, the government has been criticized for not doing enough to address the issue, and for refusing to accept its share of refugees under a European Union relocation plan.

The protest was met with condemnation from human rights groups and political leaders, who called for tolerance and respect for refugees and minorities. Some criticized the organizers for spreading fear and hatred, and for promoting a divisive and intolerant agenda.

Despite the criticism, the Block Against Islam group has continued to organize anti-refugee protests in the Czech Republic, with demonstrations planned in other cities across the country. The issue of immigration and refugees remains a contentious one in the Czech Republic and across Europe, with no easy solutions in sight.