December 10, 2023

Category - Slovakia

Ongoing video documentary project “New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe” (2009-present)

V40: Queer Parade “Dúhový pride 2010” Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, was the site of historical first Pride Parade for the rights of LGBTQ individuals on May 22, 2010. The event was marred by violent clashes with members of the far-right extremist group, the Slovak Solidarity, who threw stones and tear gas grenades at the participants of the parade. Many of the LGBTQ individuals suffered injuries in these confrontations. The march, which began at Hviezdoslav Square in the...

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V38: Slovenská pospolitosť v Turzovke

On August 29, 2009, approximately 200 Roma residents of Turzovka, a town in the Kysuce region of Slovakia, left their homes a day before a planned anti-Roma protest by the extremist organization Slovenská Pospolitosť (Slovak Brotherhood). Local residents and the town’s mayor confirmed the exodus, with some Roma unable to fit on buses to Ostrava and resorting to taxis and cars. In anticipation of the protest, dozens of police vehicles and...

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