January 30, 2023

24.08.2013 Ostrava, Czech republic

Anti-Romany demonstrators detained in Ostrava, České Budějovice and Plzeň
The majority of the anti-Romany demonstrations that took place in seven cities and towns around the country have ended without major conflicts and with fairly minimal attendance. The police faced the biggest clashes with extremists in Ostrava and České Budějovice. In both cities, demonstrators changed the approved route of the rallies and attempted to get near neighborhoods with large Roma populations. In Ostrava, around 600 extremists threw stones, garbage cans and sticks at the police. At least 20 people were detained there, and approximately 15 in the city of Plzeň, where around 400 people attended the anti-Romany demonstration. In other places attendance was much lower and demonstrations ended without incidents.

Romanies, activists and police get ready for extremist rallies
Ahead of the planned anti-Romany protests in six Czech towns and cities, the Roma community and their supporters expressed disapproval of extremism on Saturday. In the south Bohemian České Budějovice, slogans on the pavement along the planned route of the demonstration appeared overnight. The slogans express an anti-extremist sentiment and question neo-Nazi ideology. In Brno, Jičín and Plzeň people are planning happenings, picnics and counter-demonstrations against extremism and violence. A few hundred people, who are mostly Romany, gathered in the city of Ostrava at a sanctioned meeting. The police have said that they are ready for the anti-Romany rallies and have sent anti-riot units and conflict resolution teams to all the locations.

text source: http://www.radio.cz/en/section/news/news-2013-08-24