December 10, 2023

New York, USA, 11.2.2012. On February 11th Occupy Town Square at the West Park Presbyterian Church on west 86th St brought together activists young and old, seasoned veterans and newcomers, Marxists, anarchists, socialists, bloggers, screen-printers, dreamers, and me. Walking in I found myself unexpectedly incredibly moved by the atmosphere of camaraderie and, dare I say it, family. It felt so good to be together again in solidarity, occupying the same space, with my brothers and sisters in this struggle for a more peaceful and just world. Occupy Town Square was the easy relaxed conversation and sharing that we’d been missing since Mayor Bloomberg’s brutal eviction of OWS from the grounds of Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park

Food from the People’s Kitchen! Books from the People’s Library! Performances on the People’s Stage! Think Tank. Dancing. Yelly person yelling. And so much more. It was like being back in the park but indoors! It was truly beautiful.

We met awesome new people and reconnected with old friends as Booker and I passed around flyers for the Urban Sangha Project’s new Thursday afternoon class called Sustainable Activism. It’s a 90 minute class that includes yoga, meditation and dialogue.
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