April 19, 2024

Author - Rafavideoart

Filmmaker, visual artist, and photographer Rafavideoart studied at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 2009, he has been documenting the growing nationalism and far-right groups within the Visegrád Group countries. In Slovakia, he is actively involved in transforming the segregation walls surrounding the Roma communities.

Filmár, vizuálny umelec a fotograf Rafavideoart študoval na Akadémii umení v Banskej Bystrici a na Akadémii výtvarných umení vo Varšave. Od roku 2009 dokumentuje rastúci nacionalizmus a ultrapravicové skupiny v priestore Vyšehradskej štvorky. Na Slovensku sa angažuje v pretváraní segregačných múrov ohraničujúcich rómskej komunity.

V65: Far right Identitarians protest against refugees in Vienna 2016

Vienna, June 11, 2016 – A far-right Identitarian movement staged a high-profile protest in the heart of Vienna, igniting fervent discussions about their ideology and raising concerns about the rise of nationalist sentiments in Europe. The demonstration, held under the banner of “Defending Europe,” attracted both supporters and critics, prompting a closer examination of the movement’s objectives and the implications for...

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V77: Refugee camp in Idomeni

The Idomeni refugee camp in Greece has become an emblematic symbol of the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. Located on the Greek-Macedonian border, the camp was initially designed to accommodate around 1,500 people but quickly became overcrowded as the influx of refugees and migrants continued. At its peak, the camp housed over 8,500 individuals, leading to dire conditions and a severe lack of resources. Life in Idomeni was marked by constant...

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V78: Antifa blockade of the March of Neo fascists against refugees and Islam in Prague

On February 6, 2016, thousands of people gathered in Prague to protest against refugees and Islam. The demonstration was organized by the anti-immigrant group Block Against Islam, and was attended by far-right groups from across Europe. The protesters, many of whom carried Czech flags and banners with anti-refugee slogans, marched through the city center, stopping at the Czech government headquarters and the Ministry of the Interior to voice...

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V74: Refugees on the way to West Europe: Bapska-Berkasovo

Thousands of refugees have crossed from Serbia into Croatia after being stranded in deteriorating conditions for days. The United Nations refugee agency estimates that 2,000 to 3,000 people were allowed to enter Croatia, which will likely increase the strain on neighboring Slovenia. The situation has worsened as Turkey insists it should not be expected to turn into a “concentration camp” for refugees, even if it tightens its borders...

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V76: Refugees on their way to Western Europe: Trnovec Slovenian/Croatian border

19.10.2015, Trnovec, Slovenia/CroatiaAs the migration crisis in Europe continues, tensions rise between Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia over dealing with thousands of refugees stranded in the Balkans. The countries accuse each other of allowing migrants to cross their borders without taking responsibility. Slovenia has limited the number of refugees allowed to cross from Croatia, claiming Germany and Austria are also reducing the numbers they...

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V71: Röszke Horgos Refugee Camp

The Röszke Horgos refugee camp, located on the Hungarian-Serbian border, has become a stark representation of the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. As the influx of refugees and migrants continues, camps like Röszke Horgos have become a focal point for the humanitarian issues faced by those fleeing war, persecution, and poverty. Established in 2015, the Röszke Horgos camp quickly gained notoriety for its appalling living conditions and the harsh...

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V70: Refugees at Keleti station in Budapest

In the summer of 2015, the area surrounding Budapest’s Keleti Railway Station became an unexpected and harrowing epicenter of the European refugee crisis. Thousands of refugees, primarily from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, found themselves stranded at Keleti Station Square, transforming the area into a makeshift camp and a vivid illustration of the human toll of war and displacement. As the number of refugees arriving in Budapest surged...

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V72: Slovak far right extremists and hooligans against refugees and Islam

On June 20, 2015, thousands of people, primarily young individuals, gathered in Bratislava to protest against the inflow of refugees into the European Union. The demonstration was the first of its kind in Slovakia since the beginning of the migration crisis and was organized under the motto “Stop Islamisation of Europe.” Ultra-right radical Marian Kotleba, a governor of one of Slovakia’s self-rule regions, addressed the crowd...

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V73: Noční vlci v Bratislave / pro Putin’s Night wolfs

The Night Wolves, a Russian biker gang with strong ties to President Vladimir Putin, embarked on a 3,700-mile journey across Europe to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. The group’s controversial route from Moscow to Berlin generated significant attention and led to complications with European authorities. This article examines the Night Wolves’ journey, their encounters with law enforcement, and the...

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V69: Far right extremists of DSSS vs. Blockade Brno blokuje 2015

On May 1, 2015, in Brno, Czech Republic, around 1,500 to 2,000 individuals gathered to oppose a May Day procession organized by the extremist group “Dělnická mládež” (Worker Youth). The protesters blocked access routes to Malinovského Square while chanting slogans like “Náckové ven z Brna” (Nazis out of Brno). The situation escalated as the police intervened to separate the opposing groups, deploying hundreds of riot...

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