June 12, 2024

Author - Rafavideoart

Filmmaker, visual artist, and photographer Rafavideoart studied at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 2009, he has been documenting the growing nationalism and far-right groups within the Visegrád Group countries. In Slovakia, he is actively involved in transforming the segregation walls surrounding the Roma communities.

Filmár, vizuálny umelec a fotograf Rafavideoart študoval na Akadémii umení v Banskej Bystrici a na Akadémii výtvarných umení vo Varšave. Od roku 2009 dokumentuje rastúci nacionalizmus a ultrapravicové skupiny v priestore Vyšehradskej štvorky. Na Slovensku sa angažuje v pretváraní segregačných múrov ohraničujúcich rómskej komunity.

V54: Citizens and Mayor Block Far-Right March in Bratislava

On March 16, 2013, around 200 people gathered at SNP Square in Bratislava to block the path of far-right extremists marching to the grave of Jozef Tiso. The blockade was personally supported by the city’s mayor, Milan Ftáčnik, who led the procession waiting for the arrival of the neo-Nazis. The office announced the blockade at the mayor’s request the day before the event. Ftáčnik emphasized the importance of expressing opposition to...

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V53: Nazifrei Dresden 2013

On February 13th, 2013, more than 10,000 anti-fascist activists formed a human chain in downtown Dresden to protest against neo-Nazi marches on the 68th anniversary of the WWII bombing that destroyed the city. The demonstration marked a symbolic gesture against the right-wing extremist groups. Although thousands of participants formed a human chain, no clashes were reported with the participants of the planned parallel neo-Nazi rally...

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V49: “Polish Independence Day” 11.11.2012 in Warsaw

On November 11th, 2012, Poland celebrated its Independence Day, but the celebrations were overshadowed by a controversial march known as the Marsz Niepodleglosci (March of Independence). The march was organized by far-right groups, and it attracted thousands of participants, many of whom espoused nationalist and anti-Semitic views. The march began peacefully, with participants carrying Polish flags and chanting slogans in support of their...

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V50: Kotleba’s “big cleaning” in Romani settlement

On September 29, 2012, promoters of the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko – LSNS) are planning an event to “clean up” the Romani settlement in Krásná Hôrka, Slovakia. The party is inviting people to attend the event through social networks and its website, claiming that more than 300 people might participate. Marián Kotleba, the party’s leading candidate, has requested the Slovak State...

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V52: Queer Parade Budapest 2012

On July 7, 2012, the annual Budapest Gay Pride Parade took place amidst a backdrop of heightened security measures, as the event drew both passionate supporters and vehement opponents. The parade served as a vibrant celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Hungary while also highlighting the challenges faced by the community in a tense social and political climate. The 2012 Budapest Gay Pride Parade saw...

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V48: Fights between Polish and Russian hooligans during EURO 2012 in Warsaw

The match between Poland and Russia was a highly anticipated event during the Euro 2012 tournament. The two countries have a long and complicated history, with tensions between them dating back centuries. This history, coupled with the presence of violent fans on both sides, made the match a potential security risk. The authorities in Warsaw were well aware of the risks posed by the match and had taken measures to ensure the safety of fans and...

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V55: Queer Parade “Duhový Pride” in Bratislava 2012

On June 9, 2012, Bratislava celebrated its third annual Dúhový (Rainbow) Pride parade. Members of the international community expressed their moral and practical support for the parade organizers and participants. The event aimed to raise awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the Slovak Republic and promote their human rights. As citizens of the European Union, the LGBT community in Slovakia enjoys legal...

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V46: March of LGBT in Poland – “Parada równości” 2012

On June 2nd, 2012, Warsaw was the site of the annual Queer Parade, also known as the Equality Parade, for the rights of the LGBTQ community. The event attracted thousands of participants, including members of the LGBTQ community, allies, and supporters. The Queer Parade is an important event in Poland, where LGBTQ individuals often face discrimination and hostility. The organizers of the parade believe that every individual has the right to...

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V42: Anti-capitalists demo 1st of May (MayDay) in Berlin – Kreuzberg

On May 1st, Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood became the scene of traditional leftist May Day demonstrations, with thousands of people taking to the streets to protest against social inequality, low wages, and further social cuts. Despite the peaceful nature of the earlier rallies, the situation escalated later in the day, with clashes between protesters and police officers. The police responded with pepper spray, water cannons, and arrests...

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V44: Anti Capitalist demo – Berlin Wedding

Berlin Wedding, Germany, 30th April 2012 7,000 police officers were deployed on Monday and Tuesday to keep the demonstrations under control. Traditionally, the violent “anticapitalist Walpurgis Night demo” has passed through Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. This time, it was unexpectedly relocated to the Sprengelkiez and Brüsseler Kiez in Wedding, an area between the Wedding S-Bahn station, the northern shore of the Berlin...

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